Grab a K9 inspired design on a T-Shirt and GYPD with a tough workout!!

Welcome to Muddy Pawz HQ!


Emma and K9 Ayla are the FIT-DOG team who are here to help you create a communication system that builds a strong bond and a healthy life with your dog!

Ayla is a trained Truffle Detection Dog who has had a lot of success and we believe that her high fitness has a lot to do with her impressive detection abilities.

We offer Truffle Detection Services and Dog training that can help you and your dog improve detection abilities.


At Muddy Pawz we believe that we owe it to our dogs to keep them fit and healthy and stimulated for a better working dog or furry family member.

Emma has worked with detection dogs in Law Enforcement, the Truffle industry and with a Cert 3 in Fitness and a Cert 4 in Training and Assessment, Emma combines this knowledge to create a fun and positive way for people to engage with their dogs through training and fitness.

Join the online MP Dog Squad and have fun, get fit and live harmoniously with your best doggo friend!




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