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The Travel Dog.. I mean Blog.. I miss my dogs..

August 9, 2018

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Blogging lazy.. but what a year!

January 1, 2018

Firstly, Merry Chrsitmas and Happy New Year!!



 Ok, I will admit it, I have been blogging lazy! My excuse.. its been a busy time of the year with Christmas and New Year, but rest assured I took no time off from ensuring Ayla met her daily exercise requirements and Coach Ayla made sure I gave it a good nudge also.


Now that the busy period has come to an end I would like to take a trip down memory lane and share some cool things that Ayla and I did in 2017.


1. We had our first hunt for truffles and at only 1 year old, Ayla performed brilliantly! The pup has a good nose and a drive that will keep her going!




2. In the off season to keep Aylas nose busy we made a childrens iBook called Find It. In this IBook, Ayla is on the hunt for her toy duck in a mix of photos and video it encourages kids to first hunt for the duck and then has Ayla use her nose and show them where the duck is hiding in an interactive video.





3. We like to stay fit and healthy and in doing this we also like to encourage others to do the same. Ayla began joining in my workouts and the joke started with us thinking that Ayla thought she was my coach, I then realised this was not a joke, Ayla really did think she was my coach! This became apparent when Ayla started nudging me all the way down the hallway and then show me to my hat and shoes. It appears a Labrador nose to the butt is an encouraging thing! I know I move a lot faster when it happens! When i saw how happy Ayla became joining in my workouts I decided to start a fitness dogolution so that all the dogs could be happy (check out my Instagram). In this dogolution I encourage others to exercise with there dogs and get them to hasht