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The Travel Dog.. I mean Blog.. I miss my dogs..

August 9, 2018

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Stop boring your dog!

June 8, 2018


We all teach our dog the usual sit, stay, high five etc. And I love all of that. But lets be honest, the stock standard dog training way can be a little monotonous and boring, its a bit like learning via PowerPoint.. Yeah it works but it can be very uninspiring.


Many studies have been conducted regarding dogs and human emotions. Studies conducted at the University of São Paulo in Brazil and published in the journal Biology Letters shows that there is an emotional connection between our dogs and us. This study encapsulates a dog’s ability to cognitively read our emotions. With this is mind, we know that when we exercise it releases endorphins. These endorphins start flying around producing positive energy that beams from us like an exuberant light beam, as our dogs pick up on this vibrant energy it produces a happy and positive interaction that helps us to communicate with our dogs. As discussed in previous blogs, we need a calm, positive and fun interaction with our dogs to be able to communicate and effectively teach our little buddies how to behave.


That’s why I do my training while I train.. and by this I mean while I am working on my fitness, I incorporate my dogs fitness and learning. I call it FIT-DOG TRAINING. Now this isn’t your standard obedience dog training, or training to make your dog a show dog champion, this is training that enables you form a bond with your dog and allows you to throw in your commands to achieve results and have a dog that you can live a happy and harmoniously with. A homemade BFF if you like.


When we are exercising our endorphins are doing the happy dance as we run through the trails or making our way to the park for some energetic fun, all while our dogs are tracking the magic dust beams of happiness and starting to engage with us. Remember, engagement is key, without it you have a dog that is not interested and a dog that is not interested is not going to listen to you.


Watch your dog and discover the things that make them tick and what gets his/her attention and use it, make silly noises, use a word or a clap, the tone of your voice and when your dog responds and gives you attention get excited and praise. This is the fastest way to getting your dog to know that your there to have fun and they will soon learn that when he/she is looking is the time you’re about to shower them with your happy energy vibes or give them a treat as a reward. Your aim is to be the shining star in your dogs life.. when you speak, they listen.


Ever wondered why your dog is so happy for walkies? You’re dog knows that you’re about to unknowingly sprinkle invisible happiness for him/her to track. Use this and harness this excitement and turn it in to FIT-DOG TRAINING.


Muddy Pawz is not about standing there barking commands (pun intended) we harness the power of energy and fun using it to our advantage and modify our dogs behaviour whilst laying the foundations to building you a bestie. Ohh and we make lots of loud silly noises too because dogs dig that! (Yes, another pun, because it rhymes with fun!)


If  you want to know more then sign up to the Muddy Pawz Dog Squad to receive Newsletters with discounts to the Muddy Pawz Fit Dog Shop and learn how you can start FIT-DOG TRAINING. It costs nothing to sign up so come and be part of the online community that’s committed to dogs. Don’t worry.. we won’t hound you.. ;-)


Keep up the fun!!

Woof Woof

Emma & Ayla







P.S. Dog Squad members come and post photos of you and your doggo on Instagram and add #mpdogsquad so that we can get to know each other!

P.P.S Don't forget to shop at the Fit Dog Shop!

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