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The Travel Dog.. I mean Blog.. I miss my dogs..

August 9, 2018

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Day 7: Instagram 7 day December challenge - #mp_dogolution: Last Day run!

December 7, 2017

Who am I kidding? This doesn't end here! Every day is a fitness dogolution! It is so important to look after the health and fitness of both yourself and your dog! Remember to always care for you buddy and yourself.



Well today we beat the rain (again.. so over this weather!) and hit the local Botanic Garden for a run. Coach Ayla was super excited today to jump in the creek nearby and shoot under the little bridge to chase some moving leaves! I must have looked a little warm because she was kind enough to share her creek water.... twice!


Well I will keep training and keep posting! I am determined to get more fit dogs out there doing the #mp_dogolution!!


On a side note.. The Fit Dog Shop opened yesterday where you can get a cool T-shirt or other cool gear!


Check it out


Emma xx