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  •  Incorporating basic K9 training skills in to fitness

  •   Train your dog while you train for fitness

  •   Easy skills that build a bond and a trust with your dog

  • Creating engagement with your dog

  •  Having fun and getting moving

  • Encourages a happy and healthy lifestyle for you and your dog

Go play


Get Your Pawz Dirty!



is more than dog training, it's a fun, healthy, relationship building exercise where you can create a bond and train your dog.



is for everyone.

You don't have to be super fit, it's about moving and engaging with your dog in a fun way.

Moving is the key to being fit, healthy and getting those endorphins flowing.

Working dogs are the athletes of the K9 world.

Like any athlete they must train to reach this level..

Having worked with many working dogs in law enforcement and private industry, I know what it takes to keep dogs fit, happy and motivated at all fitness levels and I want to help you to get moving and creating a trust and bond with your dog that is like no other.

You don't have to have a working dog or be a fitness fanatic, you just have to want to move and create an amazing relationship with your dog.


No matter what your level of fitness, it's easy and fun to get moving with



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If you're keen on getting in to some FIT-DOG TRAINING ® then sign up to the MP Dog Squad for tips and Fit Dog Shop discounts

Before engaging in FIT-DOG TRAINING consider yours and your dogs level of fitness and choose the level of movement that is suitable to your dog team (you and your dog). Seek a medical professionals advice for yourself and a Veterinarian for your doggo to ensure you're up for the required movement.

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