8 Jun 2018

We all teach our dog the usual sit, stay, high five etc. And I love all of that. But lets be honest, the stock standard dog training way can be a little monotonous and boring, its a bit like learning via PowerPoi...

1 Jun 2018

All dogs are different and as such their payment and work ethic will be different. Like people, some will do it for the love but others need a big payment!

You need to know what value your dog will work for. Knowi...

23 May 2018

7 key principles of how dogs learn..

These are the key principles to training your dog in simple Emma terms. Understanding and applying these principles will help you train your dog. In future posts I’ll will disc...

16 May 2018

The online Muddy Pawz Dog Squad is recruiting and it's super easy to become part of it!!! Ok.. It's not a paid gig but you'll get great benefits and this is all a bit of fun and for a great cause! We are all abou...

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